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Dopis Ignacio Ponseti

V květnu 2009 - v době založení občanského sdružení - jsme poslaly dopis přímo panu doktorovi Ignacio Ponseti. Moc nás potěšila odpověď jeho kolegy Jose Morcuende, M.D. 
Zpětně jsme rádi, že náš email zastihl pana doktora před jeho úmrtím. 

Předmět: RE: Parents association Achilleus in Czech Republic, Middle Europe
Datum: Fri, 15 May 2009 11:56:03 -0500
Od: Ponseti, Ignacio 
Komu: Achilleus, o.s.

May 15, 2009

Dr. Ponseti, who is nearly 95 years old, fell recently and fractured his hip.  He no longer sees patients and I have taken over seeing his patients and answering his emails.

We are very happy to know of your work with educating families in the Czech Republic about the Ponseti clubfoot treatment and trying to help orthopaedic doctors understand why it is important to use this method.  We have found that here in the United States the mothers have been the driving force in educating parents that surgery is not the best way to treat clubfeet.

While I cannot read the information on your web site,  I was impressed with how many areas it seems to cover.  In your list of doctors I was only familiar with Dr. Spooner Pavel so I am happy to know of the others.

I will ask that your web site be linked to ours.

Jose Morcuende, M.D.

From: Achilleus, o.s. [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 7:35 AM
To: Ponseti, Ignacio
Subject: Parents association Achilleus in Czech Republic, Middle Europe

Dear Mr Ponseti,

We have great respect for your work and admire its results.

We are the mothers of children with PEC from the Czech Republic. Some of the local orthopedist are well aware of your method of treatment of PEC and use it in practice, many others use old and less effective methods.  We can see it on the legs of our children how successful and effective your method is compared to the traditional treatment. We have decided to establish a parents association named Achilleus (www.achilleus.cz) with the aim to promote your method. The first aim of the association is to inform parents of those children of the option to treat their children using your method. We believe, that if the parents are well informed of the various methods of treatment and if they know, which are the more successful, then orthopedists will be more likely to become interested in the Ponseti method.

We are sure that you receive many grateful letters, not only from your patients but from all people who may have had a chance to come across your method of treatment. Please do allow us to join them in thanking you. Dear Mr Ponseti, once more thank you for taking away most of the pain of those children whose childhood was affected by PEC, all that thanks to your life long hard work. We wish you all the best in your well deserved retirement.

We would be eminently grateful if You could devote several words of support to our association.

On behalf of the mothers with PEC and the Association Achilleus

Michaela Studena
Lucie Klimesova
Alena Brizova
Stana Basatova